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Contracor's products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide via a distribution network. Information about product usage. »

Contracor GmbH, a member of the Comprag Group, has enjoyed more than twenty years of experience in producing portable abrasive blasting equipment, accessories for abrasive blasting, manual blast cabinets, personal protective equipment and compressed air preparation equipment.

Captive production facilities and a full-fledged production plant allow full production cycles to be implemented and the company's product range to be augmented on a continual basis.

Brands and markets

Comprag Group is present in the market with two brands Comprag® and Contracor®. Each brand has its own specialization and a self-contained product range.

Brand Contracor® incorporated portable abrasive blasting equipment, manual blast cabinets, safety equipment for abrasive blasting, portable moisture separation equipment and special components related to abrasive blasting and protective coating operations.

Brand Comprag® incorporated stationary and portable air compressors, refrigerating and adsorption type dryers, compressed air line filters and separators, reservoirs for compressed air storage, moisture management equipment and pneumatic demolition tools.


Sponsorship is yet another opportunity to get closer to our clients, dealers and business partners. By supporting fine initiatives, we enrich our public life and vitalize our milieu. It has become traditional for Comprag Group to support athletes, sports teams and sports events. Sport evinces those very qualities which we esteem in our work - tenacity, the will to win and team spirit. Comprag Group is also the sponsor of the local league Comprag football team. »